Word Wow Big City: Help a Worm Review

On September 22, 2016

Ahoy there me mateys! I just got back from me latest swashbucklin’ adventure, and I had a great time with the crew. Aye, we had loads of booties and as ye may already know it, we drank rum all night. This bucko still has a little hangover, but don’t ye worry me lads and lasses, I didn’t forget about the app that I will share with ye. In fact, I would be starting it right now so avast ye. Our app review for today is called Word Wow Big City: Help a Worm Review from DonkeySoft Inc. Batten down the hatches and let’s begin.

It’s Fun and Challenging

The graphics of the game is fun to look at because it has nice colors and there are different settings for each level. You wouldn’t just be looking at the same thing for all different stages that you complete. It’s simple to understand making it appropriate for everyone, even for kids as long as they can already spell. It could actually help them with their word skills. Although the basic gameplay is simple, which is to tap on letters to create words and remove bricks, which would help the worm get to the bottom, it’s still challenging as there is a time limit. Plus, there are different obstacles that makes it more challenging.

It’s Competitive


One thing that would motivate you to do better is that there is a world ranking. You would be ranked depending on your points with the other players of the game from around the world. Of course, it would make you feel good to be on top and to do that, you have to do your best on each level. You have to be fast and sharp or the worm wouldn’t be able to make it at the bottom and it would be game over.

It Has Hundreds of Levels


Since this is a highly addictive game, especially for word game enthusiasts, you would find yourself wanting to play more and more. The good thing is that this game has hundreds of levels. As of this writing, there are 220 levels, plus 30 bonus levels that you could unlock throughout the game. This means that your cravings for more levels would be satisfied.

The Ups

This app is really fun to play and it’s highly addictive. Plus, it also helps sharpen your brain as you are forced to create several words from the puzzle in limited time. It’s also free to download.

The Downs

The drawback is that it has advertisements and you need to make an in-app purchase in order to remove them.

The Verdict

Word Wow Big City: Help a Worm may have advertisements, which is typical on free to play games. However, this can be overlooked especially it’s a fun and brain stimulating game. It’s not just enjoyable, but it could also help sharpen your brain. This is a must try app for all age levels.

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