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Angry Birds Seasons Review

On October 18, 2012

Ahoy mateys. Alas, there has been a situation at the good ole Jolly Rogers. I have just lost me favorite parrot, Squawk. You see mate, I have new lads working for me. They are a bit fresh from the port of me hometown. I like my pirate trainees witless but full of heart lads. But […]

DragonVale Review

On October 17, 2012

I have been a pirate fer a long time. I have been the one that scrubbed the floors for four years at the Pirate academy. I was the one loading the cannons in my earlier years. And with me hard work I got me a boot of wisdom, a wide expanse of experiences. Enough to […]

100 Doors Review

On October 16, 2012

Shiver me timbers! Yer favorite app reviewing pirate is back. And me and the crew of the good ole Jolly Rogers have got the perfect mobile game to keep you at your wits ends and very much excited to open and play. See for a pirate like me, the unknown is like me name day’s […]

FarmVille Review

On October 15, 2012

Avast ye, mateys! It is I, your trust old seadog, the App Pirate, back once again from my worldly travels to give you the latest finds on app treasures! Even I know that simulation games are all the rage these days. From raising pets, building stuff and even raising humans as simulated characters is what […]

StickWars Review

On October 14, 2012

Ahoy there me lads and lassies. I have me sumthin’ to say that will make a wee bit thoughtful, so here it goes. Stick figures, a structure that eerily resembles the Great Wall of China and your finger. What do all these things have in common? If you guessed “a video game” then you are […]

Tap Fish Review

On October 13, 2012

There is nuthin’ better than the smell of the salty water on the open seas! With that, the fishes that are underwater are also a sight to behold and I often wish that I could take some of them home with me, especially if they come with a lovely lassie of a mermaid or two. […]

Wurdle Review

On October 12, 2012

Hello there, lads and lassies! The App Pirate is back to give you the latest on fun apps and mobile games! Today, let’s take a quick gander at a game that is one of the simplest titles I have ever come across with and yet I find myself terribly addicted to it.

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