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Tiny Troopers Review

On December 5, 2012

Argh, soldiers have always been the bane of the mighty corsairs. While cunning will get ye a long way from where ye began, it can all end by a swift raid of the ship by the numbers of the royal fleet. Aye, it is me distinct fear that one ‘o these days, I’d stop scribblin’ […]

Line Runner Review

On December 4, 2012

Ahoy mateys! The sprawling and rolling blue tides of the seas can be so beautiful it can bring tear to me eyes. But I must confess, there are days when I cannot stand being stuck in the middle of the sea. The good old Jolly Rogers has some plenty cool things to do like making […]

Line Surfer Review

On December 3, 2012

Thar she blows mateys! Yer favorite app reviewing pirate is back. And in me free time I have grown to love drawing stick figures. That is why me lads are busy making a stick figure skull flag for the good old Jolly Rogers. Now while me boys are at it. I would like to introduce […]

Zombie Farm 2 Review

On December 2, 2012

Blimey! Nothing makes a pirate happy like a scarecrow version of himself. You see me lads handcrafted a scarecrow that looks a lot like me. Yep the boys of the good old Jolly Rogers like me too much that they have taken upon themselves to create a replica of me. You know what? Even in […]

Highway Rider Review

On December 1, 2012

Ahoy Mateys! A pirate like me leads a tough life sailing the seven seas. And when you have hard days of work you must know how to unwind. That is why me and me lads have fun by racing on our small rowboats. You know, it is just like how you land lubbers race around […]

Subway Surfers Review

On November 30, 2012

Blimey! Someone bombed the good old Jolly Rogers! Why would kids paint their name on things they do not own? Vandals! I tell you they are vandals. I have never seen one that I like. Arrrr! Well there a few vandals that I like even just a little. Those young kids in the mobile game […]

Zombie Farm Review

On November 29, 2012

Ahoy land lubbers! You know my loyal mobile game app review readers I am a very brave man. A pirate cannot afford to be a scaredy cat. That is why it is almost impossible to scare me. I have fought a giant kraken, I have had skirmishes with skeletons, I have been face to face […]

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