Angry Birds Review

On October 23, 2012

Well, ahoy there me fellow buccaneers as I am about to show ye fellars the mobile app that made the whole world crazy as Davy Jones’ locker. Aye, I am talking about the game with a bunch of insane birds and a stew’s full of fat pigs. Aye, you guessed it right – Angry Birds. Oh, before I go on ramblin’ about how me trusty old parrot loves this game (because he truly does); let me first clear the air. The game we will be speakin’ about in this humble review is Angry Birds the original game, the one that first came out about 3 or 4 years ago. Aye, that is the one – the game that started the craze – from stuffed toys and shirts to a series of seemingly never-endin’ spinoffs. So, why are so many, buckos and scallywags alike, so hooked to this game? Well, let’s take a closer gander, shall we?

 The Angry Gist

The game is majorly simple – you control a slingshot with a bunch of really angry birds. And, your goal is to knock the living hell out of a bunch of green pigs that seems to be taunting you and the birds at every step of the way. Aye, grunting and giggling is what they do best while hiding under and behind structures made of flimsy wood, solid concrete, and seemingly indestructible metal. So, why are these birds so angry with such a gruesome set of pigs? Well, this is because the game revolves around the story where those pigs stole a bunch of bird eggs – eggs that the birds you will be slinging from afar want back.

So, aye, the gist of the game is basically to load the slingshot with a bird, aim at the pigs, and let fly the birds of war. Now, while it may seem as simple as that, the game does require some thinking as some structures where the pigs are hiding in are made of solid materials that the birds may not be able to topple or shatter. So, ye have to figure out ways to bring down the whole lot of them with one or two really creative shots. Don’t worry, if you do well in the early rounds of the game, you will be awarded with a set of differently colored birds, those of which will have special effects to help you combat and overcome the newer and higher level challenges you will face.

Controls for Absolute Pig-Killin’

Now, I definitely like the sound of killin’ pigs. I’m a pirate with a mean cutlass, so sue me. Fortunately, this game need not see me cutlass at all since the weapon of choice is a slingshot with birds as ammunition. To fling those birds, simply drag the slingshot back at the trajectory you want them to fly at. The more you drag the slingshot back, the stronger its force, so be careful about that. But don’t worry; the game really is all about trajectory and ammunition maximization. So, just touch the sling, drag it back, aim, and let go.

Sights and Sounds

The graphics of the game is decent enough. It isn’t going to be something you will drop your jaw at, but it does feature some fine graphics, considering that it was designed for the first generation iPhone, which compared to the current version does suck a lot graphics-wise. In my humble pirate’s opinion, though, the game flourishes because of its comical nature and its sounds. Hearing the pigs snort and the birds cry havoc is enough to keep you captivated for hours.


There really isn’t anything else you can really say about Angry Birds, except that it is a classic and a definite mobile game hall of fame shoe in. The fact that almost everyone with a tablet and smartphone has the game installed for their or their kids’ entertainment should be evidence enough.

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  1. Kavee says:

    You can get Angry Birds as a app on the Chrome browser now. Turns out that it is sersouily addictive at least once I start playing it’s hard to stop. I really hate that it turned out to be fun.

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