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Bejeweled Review

On September 28, 2012

Blimey me lads yer favorite pirate is back with more apps to review. You know land lubbers it can be so boring up here in the Jolly Rogers. But we find ways to have fun. Me lads sing songs of the seas to pass the time. But our favorite past time is making things walk […]

Pandora Review

On September 27, 2012

Ah! How can one not love the sea? Ahoy land lubber! A pirate like cannot ask for more. On my left, I can see the rolling deep blue sea. On my right, I can see the rolling deep blue sea. Behind me, I can see my stinky first mate but behind him is the deep […]

Devildark Review

On September 26, 2012

Shivers me timbers! Me thinks we pirates are the creatures of the sea. The dark clouds that loot and steal away your booty. This aging sea captain has long believed that we are the monsters in the children’s nightmare. I thought wrong mateys! There are far more scary ghouls and monsters out there. These are […]

Starfront Collision Review

On September 25, 2012

Arrr mateys! Show me a sea that I haven’t sailed and I will give you booty the same weight as yours. You see land lubber, once you have scoured the seven seas for gold and glory you will see every thing that a pirate must see. You will find paradise and even the isle of […]

Chicken Invaders Review

On September 24, 2012

Swashbucklin’ can take its toll even for a great pirate like yers truly. And yes, even me lads get seasick sometimes. Oh, poor Jolly Rogers, she gets the losing end of that seasickness. You see land lubber, that is what happens when you see deep blue all day long. That is why at the end […]

Call of Mini: Zombies Review

On September 23, 2012

Ahoy out there! Ahoy me lads! It is I yer captain for your mobile gaming apps need. And have I the perfect booty for yer blues. That is right me lads, there is a game that can help you kill some time without getting bored. And as usual mateys, whip out yer mobile devices. It […]

Zombie Highway Review

On September 22, 2012

Shivers me timbers lads! There is a good reason why we pirates scour the seven seas and not them land lubbing cities. I am most definitely scared of zombies. You don’t find zombies in pirate ships, right? But I’m a brave pirate…I think! Drop the anchors me lads! Let us stop the good ole Jolly […]

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