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Fallout Shelter Review

On November 19, 2015

Ahoy there lads and lassies! It’s me, your one and only app pirate bringing you my latest app treasure finds. Today I dove deep below Davey Jones’s locker to bring you an app that ye buckos would love. It’s called Fallout Shelter by Bethesda. Take control of your vault and ensure the happiness and safety […]

Avast ye salty Sea Dogs, it be time for another installment for one o’ me ramblings about the gaming world! Gaming be one huge part of modern culture. Everyone loves to have a title to throw around every once in a while, o’ course, not everyone can afford them. Arrrgh, it costs quite a bit […]

CollageIt Free Vs Instagram

On November 1, 2013

Avastthar ye swabbies! Don’t mind this old salt. Me and my fellow buccaneers are happy because of the booties that we got from our last treasure hunt. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle full of rum!!! While we’re having party in our ship, we’re also taking photos that we can share to our landlubber friends. Aye, pirates […]

iPhone 5 Features

On June 11, 2013

Ahoy, me hearties! Your techie and gadget geek pirate is back to give you great information on what’s latest on the gadget world. Me and my fellow buccaneers recently had a stop in one country and as usual, I visited different shops selling gadgets. I spent all me gold coins in getting the newest iPhone. […]

Viber for PC

On May 19, 2013

Ahoy there me buckos! The App Pirate is back aboard his Jolly Rogers and about to make sail. Are ye up to goin’ on another fierce adventure with me and me crew? Aye, an adventure it will be. But afore we hop on me ship, let me tell ye about this app that ye buccaneer […]

iPhone 5 Review

On March 5, 2013

Ahoy, mateys! Your favorite app pirate is back with another review that ye gadget lover buccaneers will love. The last time we went on land, I had some of me gold coins exchange for cash so I could buy the new iPhone 5. I’ve been using the phone for quite some time now so I […]