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Avast ye salty Sea Dogs, it be time for another installment for one o’ me ramblings about the gaming world! Gaming be one huge part of modern culture. Everyone loves to have a title to throw around every once in a while, o’ course, not everyone can afford them. Arrrgh, it costs quite a bit […]

Fix Android GPS

On September 30, 2013

Ahoy, me hearties! Your one and only friendly app pirate is back from sailing the seven seas. Sea navigation is easy for me. I’ve been a cockswain for several years, assisting the captain in our journey to the ocean. But when it comes to land, it’s a different story. It’s very seldom that I stay […]

Ahoy there fellas! This App pirate is up for another adventure. This buccaneer is excited to bring home some booties. After treasure hunting, I will buy a digital camera to take better photos on every place that we go to. But as for now, the camera feature on my smartphone will do. This bucko loves […]

The Can’t Start My iPhone Guide

On September 17, 2013

Ahoy me scallywag friends. The app pirate is back with the vengeance after a short vacation with me family. Aye, me wife and I sailed to Calypso’s point, an island far off course from any merchant shipping lane. The island is serene and peaceful, with a cave stocked with a case of rum and a […]

Android Macintosh Sync

On April 27, 2013

Ahoy, matey! Here’s your favorite app pirate back with another great find that I would like to share with all ye lads. After being in the ocean for several months, we finally made a stop to the land and guess where I headed? Aye, you’re right me good friend. I went to a shop that […]

Ahoy, matey! Many of ye lads think that all we do is sail on the sea and hunt for booties. We actually stop on different countries every now and then to visit our friends on land, as well as enjoy different things that we can’t do while on sea like connecting to WiFi hotspots. Siri […]

How to Use iPhone as a Hotspot

On December 24, 2012

Ahoy, me hearties! Sailing in the seven seas is a lot of fun. But sometimes, me fellow pirates and I also miss our friends on land. That’s why our gadgets are very helpful as they keep us buccaneers connected to our lads. We used the gold coins we found on our last treasure hunt to […]

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