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The Can’t Start My iPhone Guide

On September 17, 2013

Ahoy me scallywag friends. The app pirate is back with the vengeance after a short vacation with me family. Aye, me wife and I sailed to Calypso’s point, an island far off course from any merchant shipping lane. The island is serene and peaceful, with a cave stocked with a case of rum and a […]

Avast thar ye swabbies! Me sea legs be settlin’ in the briny deep and me crew and I be addled from all the swashbucklin’ we be having. Aye, before I get to me rope’s end, I be giving you tips on the best places to buy used iPhones. I bought a used iPhone and it […]

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle full of rum!!! Oh, there ye are me hearties! Don’t mind this old fellow, I be jolly from all the loot me and me hands just got from them shark bait o’er thar. Aye, since all of ye buckos are crazy over ye mobile phones, let me give ye helpful tips […]

iPhone 5 Review

On March 5, 2013

Ahoy, mateys! Your favorite app pirate is back with another review that ye gadget lover buccaneers will love. The last time we went on land, I had some of me gold coins exchange for cash so I could buy the new iPhone 5. I’ve been using the phone for quite some time now so I […]

Ahoy, matey! Many of ye lads think that all we do is sail on the sea and hunt for booties. We actually stop on different countries every now and then to visit our friends on land, as well as enjoy different things that we can’t do while on sea like connecting to WiFi hotspots. Siri […]

How to Use iPhone as a Hotspot

On December 24, 2012

Ahoy, me hearties! Sailing in the seven seas is a lot of fun. But sometimes, me fellow pirates and I also miss our friends on land. That’s why our gadgets are very helpful as they keep us buccaneers connected to our lads. We used the gold coins we found on our last treasure hunt to […]

How to Update iTunes

On November 27, 2012

Yo ho ho! Ye favorite pirate is back for another interesting review. This time, I’ll be telling ye me mateys about updating iTunes. When I’m sailing on the seven seas, I listen to my saved songs on iTunes. I use me booties from treasure hunting to download music and apps. Even the seadogs on the […]

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