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Lost Journey Review

On October 13, 2016

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum. Ahoy there me hearties! It’s me again, yer friendly app pirate ready for another dose of an app review. As this old salt is adding years in me age, I begin to become forgetful. Sometimes, I even forget where I placed the food of me parrot pet […]

Avast ye me hearties. It’s me, yer favorite app pirate here for another dose of app review ‘afore me and the crew go sailing. Ye see when I was a little lad, me and me family once lived in a farm and oh it was lovely. The air was fresh and so were the foods […]

Cute Note Review

On October 3, 2016

Ahoy there me hearties! Ye favorite app pirate is here again ready to give ye another those of great app find from the seven seas. I even braved Davy Jones’ locker just to make sure this bucko has something to share with ye lads and lasses. Aye, I remembered that even if I am sometimes […]

Fish Crush Review

On September 26, 2016

Ahoy there me lads and lassies! It’s me again, your app pirate, bringing you me latest finds from the seven seas and beyond. When diving down the ocean looking for booties, me and the crew met mermaids that guarded their precious pearls. Ye might think that this old salt took their pearls, aye? But no, […]

Ahoy there me mateys! I just got back from me latest swashbucklin’ adventure, and I had a great time with the crew. Aye, we had loads of booties and as ye may already know it, we drank rum all night. This bucko still has a little hangover, but don’t ye worry me lads and lasses, […]

Puchi Puchi Pop Review

On March 21, 2016

Ahoy there me hearties! Your friendly app pirate is up again for another booty hunting adventure. Aye, we’ll be diving to Davey Jones’ locker, get some booties and escape death. Har, har, har! Don’t worry ye buckos, we’ve done that a lot of times and we survived! ‘Afore we go there, let me share with […]

Fix Android GPS

On September 30, 2013

Ahoy, me hearties! Your one and only friendly app pirate is back from sailing the seven seas. Sea navigation is easy for me. I’ve been a cockswain for several years, assisting the captain in our journey to the ocean. But when it comes to land, it’s a different story. It’s very seldom that I stay […]

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