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    Trucker Ben Icon

    Trucker Ben – Truck Simulator Review

    Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Here’s yer favorite app pirate and we’re about to tackle another swashbuckling voyage around the seven seas. The crew and I also planned that on our next land stop, we will try to drive different trucks. We have a landlubber friend […]


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    Brain Burner Icon

    Brain Burner-Word Brain Riddle Review

    Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me mateys! The crew and I just got back from an incredible booty hunting adventure. It’s a different kind of experience because there were riddles we had to solve to open some areas that contained amazing finds. Good thing we were used to answering them, […]


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    Hamster Inn Icon

    Hamster Inn Review

    Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Here’s your friendly app pirate getting ready to dive down Davey Jones’ locker. It’s been a while since we last went there, so we’re excited about what awaits us. It never disappoints, so we know that we’re in for amazing finds. I still have a couple of hours before […]


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    Typing Game Icon

    Typing Game – Typing Practice Review

    Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me mateys! I just got back in my room and before I go to sleep, of course, I won’t forget to give ye an app review. The crew and I had a movie night. We wanted this horror movie about zombies, and it was amazing! […]


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    Dumb Ways to Dash Icon

    Dumb Ways to Dash! Review

    Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Yer favorite app pirate is here again, ready to take ye on another booty hunting adventure with the crew and me parrot pet. We’re on our way to another spot that we heard has plenty of hidden treasures. But they say that it’s a dangerous place, so we should […]


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    Cat Room Icon

    Cat Room – Cute Cat Games Review

    Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! This bucko had always been an animal lover since I was a little lad. Aye, I know I shared it with ye plenty of times, but I never get tired of sharing it because it takes me back to those fun moments. The years I spent with […]


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    Fish Crush Review

    On September 26, 2016

    Ahoy there me lads and lassies! It’s me again, your app pirate, bringing you me latest finds from the seven seas and beyond. When diving down the ocean looking for booties, me and the crew met mermaids that guarded their precious pearls. Ye might think that this old salt took their pearls, aye? But no, they became our friends so we didn’t get them. Ye see, this bucko also has a heart. Har, har, har! The app that I will share with ye today is connected to that. It’s an arcade game called Fish Crush from ASQTeam. Avast ye and let’s start with the review.

    Colorful Graphics and Fun Sound Effects


    The game has colorful graphics, although it’s more like it was designed for kids. Graphic-wise, kids would be more attracted to it than adults. There are different kinds of fishes in the game, which is good as you wouldn’t just be looking at the same creatures over again. The sound effects are also nice as they add to the life and excitement of the game. You would hear distinct sounds when the fishes attack and when you hit them. There are advertisements, although they do not really cover the whole game window so you might be able to live with them.

    Has a Nice Twist Making It More Challenging

    There’s an introduction about the story behind the game, which is good as you would not just be playing but you would know the main reason behind it. The bad fishes are trying to steal the pearl of the mermaid and you need to stop them by tapping on them. While this may sound easy, the twist makes it more challenging. There are friendly fishes that you should not tap as this would cost you to lose points or the game to end. This is difficult especially when the game gets faster and several fishes are coming from different directions.

    Different Modes to Keep You Interested


    This is another good side of the game. Its four different modes include Story, Survival, Time and Protector. This would keep the game interesting as you could switch from one mode to another in case you get tired of one.

    It Has Leaderboard Sparking Your Competitiveness

    Aside from the challenging levels and different modes, another thing that would challenge you to get a better score and do good in the game is the leaderboard. You would be competing with the other players from around the globe to be on top of the list.

    Thumbs Up

    It has nice graphics and sound effects. It’s easy to play but has a twist that makes it more challenging. The leaderboards and different game modes make it even more interesting.

    Thumbs Down

    There are advertisements, although they do not cover the whole screen. It’s only available for Android as of this writing so if you’re using iOS, this may not be the game for you.

    The Verdict

    If you are an Android user and you want a game that is challenging but doable and would keep you playing for hours, you should download Fish Crush and give it a try. It’s free and fun, and would keep you occupied, especially the kids.

    Ahoy there me mateys! I just got back from me latest swashbucklin’ adventure, and I had a great time with the crew. Aye, we had loads of booties and as ye may already know it, we drank rum all night. This bucko still has a little hangover, but don’t ye worry me lads and lasses, I didn’t forget about the app that I will share with ye. In fact, I would be starting it right now so avast ye. Our app review for today is called Word Wow Big City: Help a Worm Review from DonkeySoft Inc. Batten down the hatches and let’s begin.

    It’s Fun and Challenging

    The graphics of the game is fun to look at because it has nice colors and there are different settings for each level. You wouldn’t just be looking at the same thing for all different stages that you complete. It’s simple to understand making it appropriate for everyone, even for kids as long as they can already spell. It could actually help them with their word skills. Although the basic gameplay is simple, which is to tap on letters to create words and remove bricks, which would help the worm get to the bottom, it’s still challenging as there is a time limit. Plus, there are different obstacles that makes it more challenging.

    It’s Competitive


    One thing that would motivate you to do better is that there is a world ranking. You would be ranked depending on your points with the other players of the game from around the world. Of course, it would make you feel good to be on top and to do that, you have to do your best on each level. You have to be fast and sharp or the worm wouldn’t be able to make it at the bottom and it would be game over.

    It Has Hundreds of Levels


    Since this is a highly addictive game, especially for word game enthusiasts, you would find yourself wanting to play more and more. The good thing is that this game has hundreds of levels. As of this writing, there are 220 levels, plus 30 bonus levels that you could unlock throughout the game. This means that your cravings for more levels would be satisfied.

    The Ups

    This app is really fun to play and it’s highly addictive. Plus, it also helps sharpen your brain as you are forced to create several words from the puzzle in limited time. It’s also free to download.

    The Downs

    The drawback is that it has advertisements and you need to make an in-app purchase in order to remove them.

    The Verdict

    Word Wow Big City: Help a Worm may have advertisements, which is typical on free to play games. However, this can be overlooked especially it’s a fun and brain stimulating game. It’s not just enjoyable, but it could also help sharpen your brain. This is a must try app for all age levels.

    Puchi Puchi Pop Review

    On March 21, 2016

    Ahoy there me hearties! Your friendly app pirate is up again for another booty hunting adventure. Aye, we’ll be diving to Davey Jones’ locker, get some booties and escape death. Har, har, har! Don’t worry ye buckos, we’ve done that a lot of times and we survived! ‘Afore we go there, let me share with ye another app review for this game called Puchi Puchi Pop: Puzzle Game by Happy Labs. Batten down the hatches and let begin.

    It Has the Cutest Graphics

    Puchi Puchi Pop App

    Puchi Puchi Pop has colorful characters and background. There are different pets available that are all adorable. The graphics itself make it inviting because it looks fun to play. The basic gameplay would require you to connect the same characters to gain as many points as you can within a minute. Just looking at the characters would already make you feel happy because of their cuteness. Each of the characters have their own levels and they also have their own special powers that could get you to higher levels.

    Fun Background Music and Sound Effect

    The background music and sound effects are equally fun as the characters. They add life to the game and make it more enjoyable. You would feel more into it with the playful music and you’ll want to pop the pets even more when you hear that sound effect.

    It’s Social

    Puchi Puchi Pop Game

    You could connect to Facebook so you could send and receive lives with friends, as well as compete with them at the leaderboard. This would make you want to play more and score even higher, especially if you’re competitive.

    Not a Fresh Idea

    Although this free app is a fun game to play, connecting same characters is not really a new idea in the app world. Moreover, there’s a game that looks a lot like this one. If you’ve played Disney Tsum Tsum before, you’ll see a huge similarity between it and Puchi Puchi Pop. This is something that many players who played the two games notice.

    The Ups

    The graphics, background music and sound effects are all fun, which make the game enjoyable to play. It’s also free so you don’t have to spend anything to get it. In-app purchases are available, but you could always disable this option if you don’t want to accidentally purchase anything and keep playing the game without spending money. It’s easy to understand making it ideal for users of all ages.

    The Downs

    The only drawback for this app is that it’s not really a fresh idea as it’s like an imitation of the game Disney Tsum Tsum.

    The Verdict

    Puchi Puchi Pop is an easy to learn and free app that can also be addictive, especially if you are competitive and would like to beat your friends in any game. It’s fun and enjoyable with its cute and colorful graphics and lively background music and sound effects. It may look a lot like Disney Tsum Tsum, but if you enjoy that game and you are looking for an alternative, this is a great option.

    Fallout Shelter Review

    On November 19, 2015

    Fallout Shelter Icon

    Ahoy there lads and lassies! It’s me, your one and only app pirate bringing you my latest app treasure finds. Today I dove deep below Davey Jones’s locker to bring you an app that ye buckos would love. It’s called Fallout Shelter by Bethesda. Take control of your vault and ensure the happiness and safety of your dwellers. Learn more about it in this app review.

    It Has Something Fresh to Offer

    Fallout Shelter Review

    Fallout Shelter is not your usual game, although there are still some features that you would find in other apps, making it still somewhat familiar and easy to learn. The setting and plot is different as the main area is in a vault that’s situated 2,000 feet under the ground. You will have control of the vault and the people, which are called dwellers, that survived the blast that destroyed the surface where people once lived. This will be their new home now and it’s up to you how to grow it and make it successful. Like other apps, there are also items to unlock that can help you in building the vault and make it a happy, safe and comfortable place for your dwellers. Like a real community of people, you’ll also be dealing with personal relationships between couples, who can produce babies that would be a part of your vault.

    Great Graphics

    Fallout Shelter App

    The graphics of this game was really made well. It has a cartoony feel but not too much that it doesn’t look like that it was a game made for younger ones. Think of the characters in “Archie Comics”. It’s what came to my mind when I first saw the characters in this game. The animation of every character is also impressive as every one in a scene is moving, instead of just sitting or standing there until you tap on them.

    It’s Addictive

    This game can get addictive since you would feel the need to create a nice vault for your dwellers and keep on improving it. You should also get to know each of your dwellers as they have different interests and personalities. This is needed so you can keep them happy, which is part of the game. There’s so much to explore, unlock and do that’s why it’s more likely that you would feel greatly immersed in the game.

    The Ups

    Aside from being free, this app has fantastic graphics that’s pleasing to the eyes. It’s also nice how there’s so much content to explore, which makes it a game that you could play for a long time.

    The Downs

    It could take time to unlock levels and various items without in-app purchase so it could be tempting to spend real cash, although it’s still possible to continue with the game without it. Dragging and dropping items may be difficult if you have a small screen.

    The Verdict

    Fallout Shelter is a breath of fresh air in the app world where everything seems to be just a copy of the other games, just with a slight change in the looks of the items or characters. It’s fun and addictive and it would keep you playing for a long time. While it has some drawbacks, it’s still generally a nice game to play so it’s recommended that you give it a try.

    Avast ye salty Sea Dogs, it be time for another installment for one o’ me ramblings about the gaming world! Gaming be one huge part of modern culture. Everyone loves to have a title to throw around every once in a while, o’ course, not everyone can afford them. Arrrgh, it costs quite a bit of gold doubloons to make a small library o’ video games.

    Play Mobile Games Online

    However, that don’t mean ya ain’t got some options available to ye. Quite a few games on the stormy seas o’ the Internet could be played for free in websites such as Jojo and here’s your guide to some good titles you can find there: Continue reading The Budget Gamer: The Best Games for Free Online …

    CollageIt Free Vs Instagram

    On November 1, 2013

    Avastthar ye swabbies! Don’t mind this old salt. Me and my fellow buccaneers are happy because of the booties that we got from our last treasure hunt. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle full of rum!!! While we’re having party in our ship, we’re also taking photos that we can share to our landlubber friends.


    Aye, pirates and parrots love having their picture taken as well. Even the stinkin’ scallywags in me crew like Big Jim and Left-eye Morrison love it. We also use different apps to make our photos look more presentable like CollageIt Free and Instagram. Want to know which one is better to use? Let’s find out with this CollageIt Free vs Instagram review. Continue reading CollageIt Free Vs Instagram …

    Fix Android GPS

    On September 30, 2013

    Ahoy, me hearties! Your one and only friendly app pirate is back from sailing the seven seas. Sea navigation is easy for me. I’ve been a cockswain for several years, assisting the captain in our journey to the ocean. But when it comes to land, it’s a different story. It’s very seldom that I stay on land so I’m not familiar with my way there. Even me parrot friend cannot help me either as it’s always sailing on the sea with me.

    Fix Android GPS

    Good thing I have GPS on me Android device. But I’ve had problems with it in the past so I learned a few tricks on how fix Android GPS problems. If ye lads are having difficulties with your GPS, these steps on how to fix Android GPS issue can help resolve your concern.

    Continue reading Fix Android GPS …

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